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Happy birthday to Benedict Cumberbatch, aka the new Khan from J.J. Abrams' second Star Trek.  More information on this amazing actor can be found here.

On STO, a new patch set for next week on a new UI interface for carrier pets.  That information can be found here.
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Happy Birthday to Junito, one of our major contributors to the website and teamspeak. Hope you have a good one!!! :d
i think i got the ts display to now update correctly
And very interesting setup and approach to flying. i look forward to more videos. GREAT JOB AKURIE!
I just want to say to AKURIE.... AMAZING vid on the science destroyer. I was looking for more information to get feedback on the current state of their use for pvp. VERY NICE INTRO and video! Especially digging the music!
I just want to say
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